Who Are Tansor PR?

Tansor Public Relations started in 1981 and the client list has included many high profile names over the years.

A small but very effective in-house team, the agency also employs several well proven journalists on a freelance basis.

Tansor PR is an efficient and effective consultancy specialising in trade and business-to-business public relations in the grocery and retail sector. Tansor is made up entirely of senior level PR and media experts, with experience in food and retail PR and journalism.

This means you can trust that your communication needs will be met only by true experts in the field, who know the industry inside out. Up-to-date, honest, clear messaging is what Tansor PR offers, in a frank delivery style with great personality.

Tansor PR believes that to establish a long term and sustained presence in the media, it’s fundamental to have a continuous stream of activity to remind journalists and their readers of your organisation and the progression of your business.

At Tansor, we can create and deliver powerful messages that will enhance your company or brand’s visibility. We are passionate about delivering results for our clients and can provide first rate service.

Tansor PR offers a full-range of Public Relations services specifically for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. We offer all the experience of a large PR agency, but with the flexibility that many agencies can’t or won’t offer.

We enable you to cherry pick our services to create a PR programme that not only fits your business objectives, but also your budget. Every business can benefit from Public Relations. It’s not just about big businesses with big budgets.

We are also proud members of the CIPR and PRCA.